sudo changes in Debian GNU/Linux "squeeze"

If you have recently upgraded your (or dist-upgraded to) “squeeze”, you might noticed that sudo now works a little bit strange. It asks for a password too often. Some people even thought it asks a password every-time now. That’s incorrect. Timeout was left same as it was before. But tty_ticket become on by default…

To be honest, this is not related to Debian GNU/Linux at all. This change was made by Todd C. Miller (author of sudo) on 2010-07-20, commit 73dd2b82a3a9. So now tty_ticket is on by default. That means that users must authenticate on a per-tty basis. In other words, calling sudo true twice on the same tty (or pts) will ask for a password only once. But it will ask again (regardless to the timeout) on another tty.

In fact this is a great thing about sudo. But if you want to change default behavior (to disable tty_ticket by default), you can simply put this line into your sudoers file:

Defaults !tty_tickets

That’s all. But think twice before disabling it by default.

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